Riolu didn't understand the word, but he knew the urgency of his trainer's voice. He continued to run so fast that he felt as if he were flying, and he began feel hotter and hotter as he kept running. He stopped in his tracks and turned back around, met with the sight of what looked like an enormous bonfire, but was actually the burning remains of a home.

His home.

He felt tears welling up, but he sucked them back. Riolu didn't cry. He wanted to run back, to look for his trainer, so they could escape and find a new home.

And everything could be the way it used to be.

But he knew he had to obey the word of his master, and he turned back and ran as fast as the wind, hoping and wishing that this was all just a dream.

But it wasn't.

And the tears came rolling down his face.

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