This is the 2nd episode of the Kalosproductions fan series!


When Zean's special Darkrai uses a signature move (Shadow Way) to teleport the duo to the gym, it is soon noted that the whole town is in distress! People are running around screaming in panic! One villager reveals that the creation trio have came to find the special Darkrai and won't stop destroying Santalune city until they do!

The villagers and TJ are evacuated into the gym where they all fall onto a giant cobweb, to calm the villagers down, Darkrai is commanded to use dark void on them to put them to sleep. We learn of another one of Zean's pokemon (a Quilava nicknamed "Flame"). Flame helps protect the gym by barricading it. Soon a telepathic link is established between Zean and the creation trio by using Darkrai's "Calm Mind" move.Zean faints while accomplishing the task of calming the trio.

Zean wakes up in the hospital to the sight of TJ, after being questioned by TJ, it is revealed that Zean is the brother of Red and he discovered Darkrai from a carving saying "Sinnoh" below an ominous dark void in a mysteriously dark cave...

It is revealed that Dialga returned the city to it's previous state, before it's destruction, and Darkrai erased the memories of all the events from the villager's minds.

Zean, who has 37 master balls, uses one to catch Giratina, while TJ uses one that he is given to catch Palkia, soon the heroes release these 2 pokemon so the universe can keep it's balance.

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