Prologue Edit

Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away

Where innocence is burned, in flames

A million miles from home, I'm walking ahead

I'm frozen to the bones, I am

Chapter One Edit

Torchic was running, desperate to get away from the thing that was chasing him. Tears ran from his eyes and

Torchic Running

smoke came from his fiery feathers as the tears dripped down his face. He looked back and ducked as a book zoomed past his face, ruffling his cheek. He ran faster. He saw the door, the open door, that had been opened when his trainer had wanted some fresh air to come in. So they could share the breeze together. But now Torchic was running towards it for a different reason. Torchic was running to escape. He reached the door and leaped out into the grassy outdoors. A frying pan hit the ground next to him. He hopped the fence and reached the woods, panting with shock and terror. He looked back and saw his trainer standing at the door, yelling in curses that Torchic would never be able to understand. Torchic turned and walked away, leaving all his past behind him.

Chapter Two Edit


Torchic jumped at the sudden sound of a feminine voice yelling. He ducked behind a tree and peeked out. He saw a clearing in which a female Pichu was hopping about, dodging attacks from an irritated looking Riolu. The Pichu was taunting it a lot, laughing and saying things like "Weedle are better at fighting than you!" or "Where'd you learn that trick, from your Grandma?" He fluffed up his fur so that he would look bigger and slowly strutted out from behind the tree. The pokemon didn't seem to notice him at first, but then the Riolu hopped to the other side of the clearing and looked straight at Torchic with a horrible fiery glare. The Riolu tilted his head, then pointed and said "Hey Pichu, what's that?" "What's what?" Torchic jumped and hid behind the tree again. He heard brief discussion, then footsteps coming his way. He froze and closed his eyes. The footsteps came closer. He prepared himself and...


He squeal-chirped in surprise and leaped 2 feet high. He turned and began to run, but a paw grabbed him from behind. "Where do you think you're going, mister?" He turned around and saw the Pichu holding him by his tail feathers, a smirk on her face. He shivered. "Nowhere," he said, hoping to make her let go. "Uh huh," she said sarcastically. She stared at him for a moment, then reached out and grabbed the tuft on his head. She began to drag him across the ground. "What the heck are you doing?!" Riolu jumped in front of Pichu. "Don't drag it! That must be painful!" He's certainly right, thought Torchic, cringing at the pain on the top of his head. Pichu looked down at him, then slowly let go. He stood up and glared defiantly at the pair. Pichu turned to him. "Ok bird," she said. "Where'd you come from?" "My trainer kicked me out," said Torchic, forcing himself not to sob at the memory. Pichu's expression softened. "Why?" "I went outside and a stone hit the window. It broke and my trainer thought I did it, so he chased me out." "That's real messed up." "Yeah." Torchic looked guiltily down at his talons. "Well, welcome to the club," said Pichu. "Only members are me, you, and Riolu. Ha, that rhymed!" Torchic smiled a little. "We have different jobs." She picked up a piece of bark from the clearing. "There's hunter, guarder, healer, and crafter. The hunter hunts for food like berries and fights when they have to, and the guarder guards the camp while the others are gone. As for healer and crafter, the healer heals the injured pokemon of the group, and the crafter crafts new weapons and junk for us to use." She picked up a wonderfully made pick. "Riolu is crafter, and I'm hunter. What do you think you should be?" Torches thought for a second, then decided. "I think I wanna be guarder." "Cool. Well if you do, take this." She threw a piece of armor at him, and he realized it was a metal claw. He put it on and scratched the dirt, leaving a long, thin mark in the dust. Then there was a clunk and a headpiece was on his head with an opening for his eyes, beak, mouth, and the feather atop his head. He shook his head so the headpiece fell into place. "I also have this." Pichu handed him a long blade attached to a band. "Put it on your arm." He did as she told, and was met with an incredible piece of destruction. He looked at in in awe. "I'm going hunting, so you defend camp with Riolu while I'm gone." She turned and hopped away, leaving Torchic all alone with on explanation on how to use his weapons.

Chapter Three Edit

It was almost 8:30, and Pichu hadn't returned.

Torchic was beginning to get worried, and tired too. He didn't think he would be able to stay awake another 10 minutes after this...


Torchic jumped and saw the bushes ahead of him rustling. He thought of the books off of his trainer's shelf he had read, and how the bushes always rustled but it turned out to just be something harmless. He put down his guard, realizing that he would be surprised if it was something other than Pichu. "Pichu! Where were yo-" Torchic was surprised, for the thing that came out of the bushes was not Pichu. A small, humanoid thing came out. It looked as though it were wearing a headpiece and a thick dress. Torchic squawked. "Who are you?! Why are you here?! Friend or foe?!" "FRIEND!!" Torchic stopped. The voice was quiet and terrified, with a desperate tinge. "I've heard about your camp here," said the pokemon, slowly getting up. "I need refuge from that, that thing." "Thing? I need more description than that," said Torchic. "I don't want to describe it," said the pokemon, now standing up. Torchic could now see that it was a Ralts. "Just try to," said Torchic. "Ok. So, I couldn't really see it because it was so dark, but it was so horrible... It was black with these glowing red eyes and it had giant wings that were oozing something black, in fact all of it was oozing black stuff, I didn't want to touch it..." Ralts shivered and almost fell over but Torchic caught her. "It's okay," said Torchic. He began to worry. If Ralts was telling the truth... did that mean it took Pichu? "Did you see any sign of a Pichu while you were out there?" "That's the reason I escaped! It was chasing me and all of a sudden, a Pichu jumped in it's face and fought it! She told me to run!" Torchic's heart skipped a beat. "Do you know what happened to her?" "No, she was fighting it when I ran off!" "What's going on?" Riolu ran out of his den, and Torchic told him everything. He thought for a moment, then went back inside and brought out a long silver sword, a bow and arrows with stone heads, and a Riolu-Shaped headpiece. "Let's go find her." "What do I get?" Ralts looked worriedly at Riolu. He stared with that horrible glare of his before giving his bow to her. He glared harder, then turned away and dashed into the trees. Torchic followed, and Ralts came after, shouting "Wait for me!"

Chapter Four Edit

Ralts was panting hard.

We were at a clearing, and Riolu was standing in the center, looking around warily. "What are you doing," Torchic said, too loudly, because Riolu shushed him. "I heard something," he whispered. Torchic froze. Ralts hid behind a tree. Riolu snarled. "It was probably a bird, he muttered, and was about to take a step when a scream rang out in the air. He froze, perked his ears, turned towards it, and ran ahead blindly, running as fast as he could. "RIOLU!" Torchic forgot about being quiet and ran after Riolu. "WAIT!" Ralts scurried after them, trying as hard as she possibly could to keep up. Riolu stood staring in disbelief at what lay before him.

Pichu was lying on the ground, covered in black slime. She was twitching all over. Riolu kneeled down and began to shake her. "PICHU!" He unsheathed his sword and began to cut strands of slime off of her. She groaned. "It's gonna be okay..." he began to cut more frantically. Ralts was staring, looking utterly horrified. She could have been this shivering figure on the ground, but no. Instead of her it was Pichu. Innocent Pichu. "WAIT!" said Ralts. Riolu turned around and gave Ralts a menacing look. "I wanna help." Riolu's face softened. He grunted softly and slid to the side, making room next to Pichu for Ralts, wjo scurried over and began to examine Pichu. "Water," said Ralts. "NOW'S NOT THE TIME TO BE THIRSTY!" Riolu looked ready to explode. "No," said Ralts. "We need to wash her off with water." Riolu's explosive look became surprised. "Good idea," he said slowly, looking baffled, no expression in his voice. Ralts slid off into the trees. "I'll get so-" her voice was muffled as she was absorbed into the bushes.

Chapter Five Edit

It was getting darker every second.

The wind howled and screeched, and Torchic, terrified as he was, could only imagine how terrified Ralts was feeling. Then Ralts came bursting throught the bushes, running as fast as she could. Torchic would have said her eyes were as big as saucers, but that would have been an exaggeration. She put a filled-to-the-brim water bucket in front of Riolu. He took it and slowly poured half of it onto Pichu. The black monstrosity washed away easily. Pichu slowly opened her eyes. Riolu grabbed her. "YOU'RE ALIVE!" He squeezed her so hard that she popped out of his arms and fell over. She coughed. "What happened," said Torchic worriedly. Pichu looked at him with dark eyes. "That, that... whatever it was was chasing a Ralts, so I attacked it. I didn't want anybody to get hurt..." She touched a bruise on her shoulder. "Describe the thing." "I didn't get a full look at it, but it was horrible... it felt like seaweed cover rocks. With barnacles. But I did see it's eyes..." She stopped. "What were they like," said Torchic. A kind of terror appeared in Pichu's eyes. "They were this kind of indigo-purple... and they had this deep and dark look to them, like a never ending dark hole. And inside them there was this look of hatred, this look of utter want for destruction and death..." She began to cough. "It's ok," said Riolu. "You're safe now." Torchic began to believe him, but then black goo began to pour from Pichu's mouth and her eyes went blank. She slowly staggered towards Riolu, as if trying to carry two big bowling balls at the same time, and lunged at him. He shrieked and dodged the attack nimbly. Pichu fell over and hit her head on the ground. Riolu stared. "Lets bring her back," he said. He grabbed her by the ear and we followed him, dragging the possessed Pichu back to camp.

Prologue 2 Edit

A soldier on my own, I don't know the way

I'm riding up the heights, of shame

I'm waiting for the call, the hand on the chest

I'm ready for the fight, and fate

Chapter Five and a Half Edit

"WHAT THE ****!!!"

Torchic jumped awake and tried to shake the word to of his mind. Apparently Riolu was never taught not to use bad words. He walked into Riolu's crafting room and saw Riolu rushing all over the place, freaking out, while Ralts stood on the side looking utterly disturbed. Torchic ran towards the center of the room and looked at Pichu lying on the ground.

She had changed quite a lot.

Her right ear had a black spiky formation on it's tip, which looked as it were made of the slime she had been covered in the previous night. See the picture on the right:

Pichu's Ear

Audience will become highly disturbed after seeing this.

Chapter Six Edit

"What happened to her?" asked Torchic. "Something bad," said Riolu. "RALTS!!" Ralts jumped. "GET SOME WATER!" Ralts scurried off to retrieve water. Pichu groaned and slowly got up. "Are you ok?" "I'm fine," said Pichu, rubbing the ear with the spikes. All of a sudden water gushed over her. Torchic and Riolu looked up to see Ralts holding a bucket with a guilty look on her face. Pichu laughed. "What was that for?" She looked at Ralts with a playful smile. Ralts smiled a little back. "Why are you guys looking at me like that?" Pichu cocked her head. "Nothing," said Riolu. "Hey, Torchic," said Pichu. "I think I know how I got that monster to run away!" "How?" Roil looked very interested. Torchic noticed a kind of greed in his gaze. "I electrified it." "So that's your plan?!" said Riolu. "OH, SURE, THAT'LL TOTALLY NOT BACKFIRE!" Pichu gave him a puzzled look. "I did," she said. "Do you wanna kill it or not?" "I do," said Riolu, calming down. "Well, here's my plan. You guys distract it, and I'll electrocute it while it's not paying attention and least expects it. But I can't attack it alone, I need backup." "Backup?" Riolu looked fairly worried now. "Who is gonna be backup?" "I know who it is," said Pichu. She took out a pokedex from under the bed she had been sleeping on. She opened up to a certain place, and showed them it.


"What pokemon is that?" asked Torchic. "This," said Pichu.

"Is my cousin."

Chapter Seven Edit

"Your cousin? THAT'S YOUR COUSIN?" "Yeah," said Pichu. "Sure looks... weird." "Hey!" "Well, regular pokemon don't wear wrestling suits." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah." "Wow you guys." "This is my cousin. Her name is..." "HER?!" Pichu glared. "I said, her name is Amanda. She's very... self loving. But she'll give everything she has in order to impress someone." "Wow." "I know, right? She can get crazy." Torchic took the pokedex from Pichu. "Do you think she could help us? A all?"

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